Careers at Bellroy

In a nutshell

Growth plans are nothing without the right people. We’re on the hunt for a Recruiter to help us find the people, continue to grow sustainably, and keep Bellroy an employer of choice. You’ll work closely with our Recruitment Lead to run our recruitment process and elevate us from ‘best kept secret’ to ‘workplace of dreams’. After all, as a certified B Corp and a bonafide Great Place to Work, we think we know a thing or two about using business for good, and helping our crew make the most of their part in that. And, as an altruistic and action-oriented human, we’re going to assume that’s a big deal for you, too.

Where you come in

Communication is embedded in your DNA, organization is your superpower, and curiosity is the fuel that drives you. Why curiosity? We do recruitment differently. Psychometric testing. Multiple interviews. Work simulations. We find that taking the time to understand the skills, work styles and passions of our candidates allows us to hire (and retain) pretty amazing people. And you’ll be hiring plenty of them, across all levels, functions (from tech or data to marketing or design) and regions.

What we'll give you

A high trust environment, the tools you need to do your thing, the support you need to flourish, and – of course – that award-winning culture. Because we believe it’s equally important to love what you do as it is to love where you do it.

You could be the one if you have

  • At least 2 years working in end-to-end recruitment (either agency or in-house)
  • Honed your sourcing skills and processes and know how to gain the attention of the best candidates in the market (and talent pool those that might not be quite right yet)
  • Familiarity with job boards and recruitment technology including Linkedin and applicant tracking systems
  • A natural ability to network, build relationships and easily connect with all types of people – in person or virtually, you’re comfortable with both
  • Interest in the latest recruitment trends and insights, perhaps you belong to some networking groups already, and if not you are keen to learn from your peers
  • An understanding of the importance of good advertising and can use your creative copywriting skills to craft tailored job ads that appeal to the right applicants
  • A knack for being able to feel your way through ambiguity, trust your processes, and make tangible decisions
  • The ability to prioritise and juggle multiple responsibilities at the same time while keeping stakeholders informed
  • The ability to have difficult conversations – with both candidates or hiring managers – when something isn’t aligning (you know it’s better to be clear and not to sugarcoat things, .and you are able to show that you care about people while you do that)
  • An interest in how businesses operate and how the people you hire fit into it

If you were here last week, here are some of the things you might have done

  • Worked with the Recruitment Lead to brainstorm how you might find the right candidate for a role – figuring out where to advertise and a sourcing strategy to find just the right person
  • Actively searched for candidates you think might be a good fit for our Digital - Marketing roles and reached out to them with a customised note
  • Attended a local recruitment meet-up and implemented a new sourcing idea you brainstormed with a peer
  • Reviewed applications in our applicant tracking system and paired with a hiring manager to conduct a few initial video calls with potential candidates – helping the hiring manager to get a feel for the candidate, and making sure the candidate gets excited about the role
  • Realised a strong candidate might have lost interest and reached out to them to talk through their concerns
  • Noticed one of our advertisements isn’t working as expected, explored why you think that might be the case and tweaked it
  • Reached out to an industry contact or completed some research to understand more about a space you are less familiar in
  • Advocated for a candidate that doesn’t have the exact background that we want but you think could be a good match for a role
  • Given helpful and honest (but always kind) feedback to a candidate about why we chose not to move forward with them

Why work for Bellroy?

Bellroy’s mission is to inspire better ways to carry; use business as a force for good; and help the world – and our crew – flourish. We make great carry products that delight people in their everyday lives, while constantly innovating to improve the sustainability of our materials. We donate a portion of our revenue to some of the world’s most effective charities and are a certified B Corporation.

We have carefully built our culture on radical effectiveness. Our credo is "smart people with good intentions who get shit done" (yes, really). We help our staff love their work and grow as people and have been recognized as Australia’s Best Place to Work 2021, in the "< 100 Employees" category. If you are excited by the idea of working in an intellectually challenging environment, in an award-winning culture with genuinely great people, this might be the role for you.

Location and hours

This is a full-time role based in our Collingwood Office. We enjoy working together in the same space but also value flexibility so work-from-home options are available.

Start Day: We're ready when you are!








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